Home » Business » Zetly’s ‘Sport Metaverse’ gives fans an all-in-one bonding experience with their favorite teams

Blockchain sports fandom firm Zetly is piloting a project called “Sport Metaverse.” It harnesses the power of VR/AR and tokenized assets on the BSV blockchain to create a richer connection between fans and their favorite teams.

Sport Metaverse sees Zetly partnering with BSV blockchain VR/AR specialists Transmira, as well as gaming projects PowChess and Haste Arcade. It will initially focus on football clubs in Zetly’s home country, Poland.

The plan is to develop a full Metaverse environment for fans to interact with objects in the physical world. Buying merchandise such as shirts, scarves, or other memorabilia will also give fans an NFT, which can then be used to scan a playing arena, access other limited-edition NFT collections, and enjoy play-to-earn games.

There will be full 3D “digital twins” of existing playing arenas and their surrounds. These virtual stadiums allow fans to attend and cheer for their team from anywhere in the world and interact with fellow fans. Club partners and sponsors will also be able to use the virtual space for their own merchandising, giving clubs a new way to earn revenue. Clubs themselves wil
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