Microsoft may have rolled out the Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2), but the company is already looking forward to what’s next, which is coming in October. That includes the tabbed File Explorer interface originally anticipated to be part of the 2022 Update.

But what we’re calling October’s upgrades, exactly, remains up in the air. Microsoft said that in addition to reducing the cadence of Windows 11 feature releases to just one per year, it will now deliver smaller feature updates whenever it feels like it. Previously, these were known informally as “Moments.” But now, we’ve seen them referred to as “controlled feature rollout” and “monthly updates.”

In a blog post authored by Panos Panay, a Microsoft executive vice president and chief product officer for Windows + Devices, Panay called them an “additional set of experiences.” Whatever they’re named, they’ll be first delivered in October, as a part of an optional (non-security) update, and then more broadly deployed in November.

Think of these releases, at least initially, as a makeup test of sorts. Microsoft said Tuesday that there will be five key components of the release, with the flagship addition being a tabbed version of File Explorer. Windows 11’s 2022 Update (see our review) shipped with a UI makeover of sorts for File Explorer, but without the tabbed interface many expected. That will be added to
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