Episode 4 of The Rings of Power sees Galadriel trying to marshal support for the folks in the Southlands and Elrond playing Columbo around Khazad-dûm.

If you need a refresher, we’ve already recapped episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3. Here’s our look at the action from the latest installment — be warned: spoilers ahead. 

Who is Adar?SOUTHLANDS – When we last left Arondir, it was a bad scene. He and his elf buddies had tried to escape. Two ended up dead, and Arondir got dragged off to meet this mysterious Adar character. The big reveal here is that Adar is an elf, too. He’s got some scarring on his face and a generally negative aura. He has a weirdly tender moment with a dying orc – there’s some forehead stroking, meaningful eye contact, and then he stabs the thing and puts it out of its misery. Despite living in this dark canopied world with the orcs, Adar too, is partaking in the shaved sideburns trend. Fashion is for everyone.

Anyway. Arondir asks him some important questions like “who are you?” and “why do the orcs call you ‘father?”http://www.cnet.com/”

Adar doesn’t really answer but gets into some jazz about how Arondir has been told many lies, and how the lies have run so deep, you’d have to remake the world and start again and only gods can do that — nervous laughter — and he is not a god. At least, not yet.  

So that’s cool. 

Then Adar tells Arondir to go back to the watchtower and deliver a message. By the way, the tower is apparently named Ostirith. 

Speaking of Ostirith, we catch up with Bronwyn, who is helping herd essentially every villager in the Southlands into Ostirith. It’s big Helm’s Deep vibes, but a much less comforting setup. 

There’s good news, though. Waldreg, the old guy from the tavern is there, and he’s A) wearing a shirt, B) not covered in animal blood and C) brought a whole five potatoes to the party.

See, food is going to be an issue. And Shake Shack doesn’t have any locations that far south. Bronwyn and Theo skirmish a bit about strategy for getting food — he wants to go scavenge. She doesn’t want him to, but he recruits a buddy, and they sneak off. 

Outside Ostirith, the situation has deteriorated. They run into various dead and rotting livestock. It’s not pretty. 

Theo goes into the tavern to scavenge, leaving his friend outside with a cart of food. At this point, the whole thing is turning into a horror flick. Theo finds a bag of spilled rice, and as he’s trying to scoop some of it back into the bag, the door closes, a giant cloud obscures the sun and his friend runs off like he just got an email about cake in the breakroom. 

If all that isn’t foreboding enough, an orc pops up and attacks him. Theo pulls out a sword and uses the end of the hilt to stab himself in the arm so that the blood ignites the flames — what is this sentence I am writing right now — and the orc yells, “Where’d you get that?”

On sale at Costco!

Not really. The problem with Theo’s hilt reveal here is that now the orcs know he’s got it. He takes off and hides down a well until further notice. Lassie is nowhere to be found. 

That Theo kid is trouble.

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That night, he crawls out to escape, still clutching that bag of rice, bless his heart. Long story short, right before an orc is about to turn him into risotto, Arondir sho
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