The humble Wi-Fi router has become an essential fixture in every home, but the one your internet service provider sent is likely the reason your Wi-Fi sucks. There are various ways to improve your Wi-Fi, but few are as effective as upgrading your router. Benefits will extend to everything from streaming movies and online gaming to video calls. Most people can get by just fine with a single Wi-Fi router, and I’ve collected recommendations to suit different needs, spaces, and budgets. I tested all of these in a busy family home full of Netflix-addicted gamers.

There’s a mesh Wi-Fi option here too, but check out our Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers guide for larger homes. If you’re confused about terminology, our How to Buy a Router guide can help. Whatever you choose, make sure you secure your router.

Updated September 2022: We added the TP-Link Archer AX21, Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300, Synology RT6600ax, and Reyee RG-E5.

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Photograph: TP-Link

Best OverallTP-Link Archer AX55

This affordable Wi-Fi 6 router is what I think most people should go for. The slick black finish is attractive, and there are four antennas to direct Wi-Fi to every corner. (It’s worth tweaking and testing different positions.) Performance was s
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