Capturing a special moment is nothing new. People are always looking to take the perfect photo to post to Instagram, Facebook, or their Tinder profiles. An action camera (think GoPros or other unique sports photography and videography cameras) is a camera specially designed to capture adventurous moments like mountain biking, swimming, or intense hiking.

Action cameras differ from regular cameras in that they are small, mountable cameras. They differ from your phone in that they are usually waterproof, can be treated much more roughly, and capture all of your adventures. They’re made for cyclists, divers, hikers, and even YouTube vloggers capturing their day-to-day life but can cost a pretty penny. But it’s possible to turn your smartphone into an action camera using attachments.

Here are the best action camera phone attachments of 2022.

Tripod Adapters for Action Cameras
Tripods are a great way to mount your camera. There are many different kinds, some of that are small and have bendy legs, like this one from Amazon. There are also tripods that come with little remote controls that you can use up to 100 feet away or convert into a selfie stick, like this one. This way, you can set up the perfect shot, even from afar, and snap it, even if you’re solo. You can also set it up to record you for a timelapse or a slow-motion action move. If you’re using an Apple watch, you can even see what the camera
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