Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, you probably heard about the world’s first-ever food metaverse — OneRare. OneRare has built a unique gameplay with lossless gaming tokenomics, unlike any other play-to-earn game. Most of the Play To Earn games we saw in the last two years have experienced high inflation due to the excess supply of tokens. OneRare is going to be the first-of-its-kind P2E experience that has the potential to become a leading example for the games to come in the future. Instead of handing out free tokens to every member, they have built a staking mechanism which allows you to earn Ingredient NFTs after staking $ORARE tokens. This helps in building a stable economics for the game and proposes an interesting solution for the entire P2E industry.

It’s a global multiplayer NFT game for foodies worldwide. You can participate in this epic game and get on an exciting adventure with other foodies.

Today, OneRare launched their #mainnet at 12:00 PM UTC. It could possibly be one of the most significant developments in the P2E and Metaverse industry. After playing the game, we realized how a simple concept of minting Dish NFTs could turn into a super fun gameplay experience.

Let’s quickly talk about the overall gameplay.

Stake ⮕ Claim ⮕ Cook ⮕ Battle ⮕ Win rewards

What you see in the above visual are the four zones of the gameplay. Farm, Farmer’s Market, Kitchen and the Playground. Each zone has
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