After receiving 1.25 million in pre-seed funding, Metabloqs, the first Swiss-based metaverse, has opened up to an initial 5,000 beta users today.

The soft launch marks the beginning of an exciting period for the platform, in preparation for the launch of its digital asset marketplace and full public roll-out later this year.

Metabloqs co-founder and CEO Megha Shrestha will be showcasing the current experience from September 12-13 at MetaWeek in Dubai. 

With realistic graphics, real-world cities, and true identities, Metabloqs is a decentralized metaverse geared toward the retail, finance, corporate, and educational sectors.

Based in Switzerland, Metabloqs aims to build on the country’s strength as a financial and business hub.

In addition to its blockchain legislation, to create a trustworthy and fully compliant metaverse experience, the NFT marketplace provides full KYC so that Met
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