The non-fungible token (NFT) market has reported tremendous growth during the past year. Multiple NFT competition platforms have also sprouted during this time, with one of them being Lucky Block. Lucky Block is one of the largest NFT competition platforms powered by the LBLOCK token.

Lucky Block proves superior to other NFT competitions platformsNFT Competitions have become very popular over the past year. While some projects, such as Lucky Block, are committed to giving their users the best of NFT and blockchain gaming, other projects, such as NFT-Competitions, have been launched without a clear roadmap and with poor offerings.

NFT-Competitions appear as the top result on search engines. However, this is merely because of the platform’s name and not because it has the best offerings compared to other NFT competition platforms.

On its website, NFT-Competitions claims to be a “skill-based competitions” platform th
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