Intel is taking its dear, sweet time getting its first-gen Arc desktop graphics cards to market. But while we wait, the company is at least doing a few things with its discrete Arc laptop GPUs. They’re now popping up in the company’s popular NUC mini-PCs, integrated alongside the latest 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs. The new “Serpent Canyon” gaming NUC systems feature an upgrade to the Arc A770M graphics card, giving it some serious oomph over previous Intel Iris GPU-based NUCs.

The new NUC12SNKi7 Full is built around Intel’s Core i7-12700H high-end laptop CPU, with 14 total cores and a maximum clock of 4.7GHz. (The NUC series uses laptop-style CPUs and motherboards — it’s what makes them a fraction of the volume of standard desktops.) The base model comes with the Arc A770M GPU built in, the first time Intel has been able to include its own in-house discrete GPU in the enthusiast series. Previously NUC designs had to e
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