The $100 Fitbit Inspire 3 (£85, AU$180) is a great entry-level fitness tracker ideal for Fitbit newcomers as well as a major refresh for anyone upgrading from an older Fitbit. It has a color AMOLED display, a new menu system and the same long battery life. The Inspire 3 is compatible with Android and iOS to receive notifications or call alerts from your phone, plus it tracks sleep in the same way as the most expensive Fitbit trackers and smartwatches. So it’s easy to recommend the Inspire 3 if you want the best battery life from any Fitbit — 10 days — without the bells and whistles from our current favorite, the $150 Charge 5.

LikeSlim, unobtrusive designSimilar health features as more expensive FitbitsBright color screen10-day battery life

Don’t LikeScreen may be too small for some to read easilyNo quick release band buttonsMost useful features require Fitbit Premium subscription

The Inspire 3 comes with a six-month free trial of Fitbit Premium, the $10-a-month subscription service that unlocks more data on sleep and recovery. The previous Inspire 2 model came with a one-year trial. While not required to use the Inspire 3, Premium is fast becoming an essential part of the now-Google owned Fitbit experience and definitely something to consider when looking at the total cost over the lifetime of the device.

Plus, several less-expensive fitness trackers have been nipping at Fitbit’s heels for the past few years so there’s more competition than ever. In particular, the $60 Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has an even larger screen than the Inspire 3 and offers similar health features, even if it lags behind on sensor accuracy. Garmin also has the Vivosmart 5 with even more fitness-tracking options, but it’s more expensive at $150 and has just a monochrome screen.

The new color display makes all the differenceEarlier Inspire models had to make do with a monochrome display, but the Inspire 3 gets a boost with a color AMOLED screen. This is really the biggest reason to upgrade if you are coming from an older model, as it makes all the difference to the user experience without sacrificing battery. The case measures 1.55-inch, but the screen itself doesn’t take up all the usable space on the device. Depending on the light, you can see the edges of the display and the bezels. 

You might be curious about how the Inspire 3 compares to the $130 Fitbit Luxe, released in 2021. If you’re choosing between the two, apart from price, the Fitbit Luxe is a tiny bit slimmer and its screen is a hair larger,
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