You’ve launched a new SEO content campaign to drive traffic to your site. Your team has conceived a plan, researched the relevant articles, and worked together to bring the campaign to life. Likewise, you’ve posted about it on social media. But how do you know if all the time, effort, and expense paid off? Is the SEO working? That’s where reporting tech tools come in.

Being able to gauge analytics related to marketing campaigns, keep track of your overall growth, and generally keep a finger on the pulse of your company’s achievements is vital in today’s business world. This is true whether you’ve just started a new company or project. Likewise, it’s true if you are working to scale your operations or want to give yourself a makeover.

So, how do you keep an eye on that data and ensure you’re getting the information relevant to your needs? For example, you can go the traditional route and hire a marketing agency. On the other hand, you can hire an in-house team to track and report on results. And you can invest exclusively in reporting tech software tools.

Whether you have a combined team and software or want to be digitally empowered to handle the research for your company, there are a plethora of options out there when it comes to analytics tools and reporting tech. We take a look at a few companies that are ahead of the pack.

Performance Management on the Cloud: Planful
Marketing isn’t the only aspect of your business that requires smart analysis and planning. The budget and accounting needs of any business are steep – and non-negotiable. Planful can help you streamline many of your financial planning and accounting reporting processes, easing the burden on your accounting
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