JazDID is a decentralized identity (DID) domain name launchpad co-founded by “Unforgettable” RIAA Diamond record rapper French Montana, USM.World founder Dr. Watney, and Null TX Owner & Founder Marat (Mark) Arguinbaev. JazDID has partnered with USM.world, one of the largest Metaverses on the ETH & BNB networks backed by Consensys Mesh Tachyon (parent company is the builder of Metamask) and OKX ventures.

.ape is a public suffix for all decentralized users, more oriented for BAYC, MAYC, and Otherdeed holders. Users can use .ape as their decentralized identity on Otherside, USM.World, decentraland, and more Metaverses.

JazDID soulbounds game accounts, assets, data, avatars, transactions, profiles, web3.0 domains, etc. This enables JazDID to provide a ZK-based (zero knowledge friendly) KYC service.

Airdrops to BAYC holders

JazDID launched its first drop of 10,000 “.ape” Mint Passes on September 21st, 2022 (UTC 2 PM). The 10K “.ape DID Mint Pass” will be reserved for BAYC holders until November 19th, 2022. On November 20th, the remaining 10k club .ape DID (4-digit names) mint passes will be put into another mystery collection.

BAYC holders on the whitelist are eligible for a free mint of a 10k Club 4-digit .ape DID domain name mapping their BAYC Token ID.

For example:

BAYC #8 is eligible to mint 0008.ape mint pass for free
BAYC #8868 is eligible to mint 8868.ape mint pass for free

If you don’t have #8, you can not get 0008.ape mint pass. If you have 5 BAYC NFTs, you can mint five xxxx .ape mappings your BYAC Token IDs.

Jaz DID was co-founded by French Montana. He announced it via his Twitter:

Shout out to my DID Initiative @JAZ_DID @USMverse

Cannot wait to chat my web3.0 buddy Dr. Watney @JeffWatney & crypto mogul @JustinSunTron on @HuobiGlobal Huobi X-Change pic.twitter.com/AgLzCGoh7g

— French Montana (@FrencHMonTanA) September 8, 2022

French Montana is the holder of BAYC #5489, and he minted 5489.ape:

Just minted 5489.ape @JAZ_DID for my decentralized identity to play on @OthersideMeta @USMverse   

Get “10k club” .ape airdrop whitelists: https://t.co/2SBzdNFDBx    

Mint:https://t.co/99NwSFQIwm@BoredApeYC & @yugalabs  “bayc.ape” and “yuga.ape” are yours if you want https://t.co/5wSE7cgoyX

— French Montana (@FrencHMonTanA) September 20, 2022

@franklinisbored minted 8048.ape and 8502.ape (Franklin is the world’s 6th largest @BoredApeYC #BAYC holder.)

The World’s second and third .ape
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